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Hi! My name is Enrico Buratto and I'm a Computer Scientist who chose to be a Data Scientist. I graduated as a bachelor in Computer Science in 2020 at University of Padua (Italy), and I pursued my Master's degree in Computer Science in early 2023 still at University of Padua. During the Master, in which I also had the opportunity to study in the University of Helsinki for a year, I focused on Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Computer Vision, and Data Science in general. I have a strong interest in Artificial Intelligence, statistics and big data management. At the moment, I am working as a Data Scientist at Reply, a huge multinational IT company based in Italy. I enjoy trying new programming languages, frameworks and technologies; I am also very passioned about GNU/Linux and the Free Software movement, and I like to challenge myself on them by improving constantly the efficiency of my workflow. In my "away-from-screen" time I love to go hiking on my mountains (the Dolomites) and volunteering in different associations.